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My Messy Monster

New Baby Double Headed Fruit Scraping Spoon

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Make your baby eat fruits & vegetables!

our babies grow up fast. It's time now for them to start graduating from baby food and learning how to eat like adults. We present to you an double heads, One head make puree, another one feed your baby Stainless steel material that safe and healthy. Designed for the little hands of babies and toddlers. Moms love them too! easy to use and clean, Make your baby eat independently fine grinding and mixed food, beautiful and practical.

A great compliment to any meal

A must-have tool for feeding your baby, this puree spoon is made from stainless steel and has a soft silicone handle. Made with food-grade, antiallergic stainless steel, this spoon can help parents prepare food in a more convenient and efficient way, with one side working as a knife to crush the ingredients into smaller pieces while the other side can scrape up small amounts of pureed food, making it easier to feed your baby.

Type: Spoon

Material: Stainless Steel, Silica Gel

Color: Pink, Green

Size: As see picture

Style: Cute

Packing 1 pc spoon + 1 pc box